haslar royal naval cemetery




During both wars, Gosport was a significant sea port and Naval depot, with many government factories and installations based there, as well as the Haslar Naval Hospital. No 5 Squadron Royal Flying Corps were based at Gosport just before the outbreak of the First World War and during the Second World War the town acted as base to No 17 Group Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy Light Coastal Forces.

Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery, which was attached to the Naval Hospital of 2,000 beds, contains 772 First World War graves, 2 of which are unidentified. Most are scattered throughout the cemetery, but the 42 officers and men of HM Submarine "L.55" whose bodies were brought back from the Baltic in 1928 lie together in a collective grave and their names appear on a Screen Wall Memorial.

The Second World War graves number 611, 36 of them unidentified. A number of the graves are scattered throughout the cemetery, but the majority lie together in one or other or five groups, the largest of which contains more than 350 burials, the smallest 25.

The Commission also maintains 17 non-war MOD graves, plus 2 Belgian Army, 1 French Navy, 3 Dutch Navy, 3 Polish Navy and 1 Portuguese Army graves here.
  1. 3 CDO BDE Adams, Alastair Scott

    SURNAME Adams FORENAME Alastair Scott UNIT R.M. Fleet Protection Group RANK Marine NUMBER PO62206M DATE OF DEATH 26th March 2005 AGE 19 GRAVESITE Haslar Military Cemetery,Haslar,Gosport,Hampshire Section K Row 8 Grave 3 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 12.5.1985
  2. EOD Ryan, Richard John Hammersley

    SURNAME Ryan FORENAME Richard John Hammersley UNIT HMS President,Royal Navy RANK Lieutenant Commander NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 21st September 1940 AGE 37 GRAVESITE Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery,Gosport,Hampshire G.8.24 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Admiral Frank Edward...
  3. X CRAFT AND CHARIOTS Brownrigg, Patrick Charles Annesley

    SURNAME Brownrigg FORENAME Patrick Charles Annesley UNIT R.N.V.R. (HMS Dolphin) Charioteer RANK Lieutenant NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 6th May 1942 AGE 27 GRAVESITE Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery,Hampshire G.10.2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Annesley Harold and Aileen Maude...
  4. RM CDOS Pryor, Frederick William

    SURNAME Pryor FORENAME Frederick William UNIT 41 Commando RANK Sergeant NUMBER CH/X 104490 DATE OF DEATH 10th June 1944 AGE 22 GRAVESITE Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery,Hampshire E.65.7 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Frederick and Winifred Pryor,East Finchley,Middlesex award...
  5. RM CDOS Jackson, John Geoffrey

    SURNAME Jackson FORENAME John Geoffrey UNIT 41 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER PLY/X 112600 DATE OF DEATH 21st June 1944 AGE 19 GRAVESITE Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery,Hampshire F.2.9 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of John and Gertrude Maud Jackson,Rawdon,Yorkshire died UK