hq 1 special service brigade

The 1st Special Service Brigade was a commando brigade of the British Army. Formed during the Second World War, it consisted of elements of the British Army (including British Commandos) and the Royal Marines. The brigade's component units saw action individually in Norway and the Dieppe Raid (in France), before being combined under one commander for service in Normandy during Operation Overlord. On 6 December 1944, the Brigade was redesignated 1st Commando Brigade, removing the hated title Special Service and its association with the German SS.
  1. RM CDOS Allen, Howard Reginald

    SURNAME Allen FORENAME Howard Reginald UNIT R.M. HQ Special Service Brigade RANK Marine NUMBER PO/X 109393 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Sicily 1943 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION previously served with Provost Company,R.M.A.A.
  2. ARMY CDOS Alderson, John

    SURNAME Alderson FORENAME John UNIT 3 Commando and HQ 1 Special Service Brigade RANK Captain NUMBER 113655 AWARD Military Cross PLACE Normandy 1944 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Seaforth Highlanders Further info see Roll of honour
  3. RM CDOS Summerhayes, Arthur James

    SURNAME Summerhayes FORENAME Arthur James UNIT "RM Commandos" (CWGC) RANK Sergeant NUMBER EX/2524 DATE OF DEATH 11th April 1945 AGE 30 GRAVESITE Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany 55.D.16 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION died Germany
  4. RM CDOS Porter, Alexander

    SURNAME Porter FORENAME Alexander UNIT HQ 4 Special Service Brigade RANK Marine NUMBER PLY/X 102832 DATE OF DEATH 6th June 1944 AGE 34 GRAVESITE Southampton (Hollybrook) Cemetery,Hampshire Sec.M.12 Grave 124A ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Alexander and Agnes...
  5. RM CDOS Hughes, John

    SURNAME Hughes FORENAME John UNIT HQ 4 Special Service Brigade RANK Marine NUMBER PLY/X 101328 DATE OF DEATH 1st November 1944 AGE GRAVESITE Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery,Netherlands 5.C.2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION KIA Walcheren
  6. RM CDOS Howie, Gavin Dalzell

    SURNAME Howie FORENAME Gavin Dalzell UNIT HQ 4 Special Service Brigade RANK Captain NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 16th June 1944 AGE 25 GRAVESITE Ranville War Cemetery,France IVA.P.20 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Robert and Gertrude Susan Howie,Upperton,Sussex died Normandy
  7. ARMY CDOS Leese, Lincoln

    SURNAME Leese FORENAME Lincoln UNIT 3 Commando (1 Troop) and HQ 1 Special Service Brigade (Acting Staff Captain) RANK Captain NUMBER 70391 DATE OF DEATH 5th October 1943 AGE GRAVESITE Sangro River War Cemetery,Italy X.E.1 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit...