lockheed mc-130e (64-0564)

Former Heavy Chain and Desert One veteran 64-0564 crashed into the ocean shortly after a pre-dawn takeoff from NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, on February 26, 1981, killing 15 passengers and eight of nine crewmen. The Talon was taking part in Special Warfare Exercise 81 and had flown 12 missions in the preceding 16 days. Following an administrative flight the day before, the crew was scheduled for its last mission, a night exercise that was set back from 01:00 local time to 04:30. The flight profile consisted of a normal takeoff, a tactical landing a half hour later to onload 15 Navy SEALs, followed by a tactical takeoff. The Talon reported normal flight conditions six minutes after the tactical takeoff, but crashed nine minutes later. No cause was determined, but investigators found that the likely causes were either crew fatigue from operations tempo, or failure of the terrain following radar to enter "override" mode while over water.
  1. SASR Fry, Gregory Rolf Kendall

    SURNAME Fry FORENAME Gregory Rolf Kendall UNIT 3 Squadron (J Troop) SASR (152 Signals Squadron) RANK Signaller NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 26th February 1981 AGE 23 GRAVESITE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 17.4.1957 Western Australia single enlisted 9.2.1976 Royal Australian Signals...