uden war cemetery


Uden was occupied by the Germans until its liberation in September 1944. In the earlier years of the war Commonwealth and Allied servicemen were buried in the garden of the parish priest which adjoined the Roman Catholic Cemetery. Later it became necessary to provide another burial ground for them and in 1943 the municipality acquired the Roman Catholic Cemetery, unused since about 1918, for this purpose. After the war more than 100 graves from the garden of the parish priest, and also a number of isolated graves from various parts of the commune, were moved into this cemetery.

Uden War Cemetery now contains 701 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War (two of them unidentified) and two Polish war graves.
  1. ARMY CDOS Rowe, Grahame

    SURNAME Rowe FORENAME Grahame UNIT 6 Commando RANK Private NUMBER 14491749 DATE OF DEATH 23rd-24th March 1945 AGE 18 GRAVESITE Uden War Cemetery,Netherlands 2.F.12 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Gordon Highlanders born Manchester son of Harry Masterman and Elsie...
  2. RM CDOS Stalker, Hugh Henry

    SURNAME Stalker FORENAME Hugh Henry UNIT 41 Commando RANK Sergeant NUMBER PO/X 3238 DATE OF DEATH 22nd March 1945 AGE 23 GRAVESITE Uden War Cemetery,Netherlands 6.D.7 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Joseph and Jeany Stalker husband of Agnes K.Stalker,Kelso,Roxburghshire...
  3. RM CDOS Shepherd, George

    SURNAME Shepherd FORENAME George UNIT 41 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER PO/X 109394 DATE OF DEATH 15th March 1945 AGE GRAVESITE Uden War Cemetery,Netherlands 6.C.2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION died Holland
  4. RM CDOS Parr, Albert John

    SURNAME Parr FORENAME Albert John UNIT 41 Commando RANK Lieutenant NUMBER DATE OF DEATH 22nd March 1945 AGE GRAVESITE Uden War Cemetery,Netherlands 6.B.9 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION died Holland
  5. RM CDOS Carter, William

    SURNAME Carter FORENAME William UNIT 41 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER PLY/X 109971 DATE OF DEATH 22nd March 1945 AGE 21 GRAVESITE Uden War Cemetery, Netherlands 6.B.8 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 03.03.1924, Preston, Lancashire, UK son of Richard and Catherine Carter...