venray war cemetery



The Netherlands fell to the Germans in May 1940 and was not re-entered by Allied forces until September 1944. The town of Venray was liberated by Allied troops in the middle of October 1944, and the burials in the cemetery date from October 1944 to March 1945. Venray War Cemetery contains 692 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 30 of them unidentified, and one Polish burial.
  1. PARAS Seymour, William

    SURNAME Seymour FORENAME William UNIT 12 Bn RANK Private NUMBER 14233450 DATE OF DEATH 24th January 1945 AGE 21 GRAVESITE Venray War Cemetery, Netherlands IV.F.9 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born Newcastle-on-Tyne son of Leonard John and Annie Seymour, 123 Corbridge Street...
  2. CANADIAN PARA Petrow, Maurice Michael

    SURNAME Petrow FORENAME Maurice Michael UNIT 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, R.C.I.C. RANK Private NUMBER H/1089 DATE OF DEATH 2nd February 1945 AGE 21 GRAVESITE Venray War Cemetery, Netherlands IV.F.12 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 22.04.1923, Saint-Boniface, Manitoba...
  3. RM CDOS Money, Douglas Anthony William

    SURNAME Money FORENAME Douglas Anthony William UNIT 45 Commando RANK Corporal NUMBER PO/X 116678 DATE OF DEATH 26th March 1945 AGE 22 GRAVESITE Venray War Cemetery,Netherlands 1.D.11 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION son of Albert William and Florence Lily Money,Botley,Oxford died...
  4. RM CDOS Harland, Alexander Francis McDonald

    SURNAME Harland FORENAME Alexander Francis McDonald UNIT 46 Commando RANK Marine NUMBER PO/X 4321 DATE OF DEATH 20th February 1945 AGE 25 GRAVESITE Venray War Cemetery, Netherlands VI.D.13 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 27.01.1921 Steyning, Sussex, UK son of Edward William...