21st SAS news letter


If you do a search on Google for '21st SAS Newsletter 1947' you will find an eight page booklet from 1947 to look through. Its full of odds bits of news about the men who have left the SAS. RSM John Alcock, my father, is described as leaving 21st SAS to join the Parachute Regiment. I came across this almost by accident. Good luck.
Yes Tartan 23 I do get a mention in the newsletter. I was born in 1947 at Aldershot Military Hospital. My father was there as CSM or RSM working with RSM John Lord of Arnhem fame. I had not been sure that my father had served with 21st SAS until I saw this newsletter. In 1958 he was a Captain Quartermaster at 16th Scottish Parachute TA and I went to school in Newton Mearns Glasgow. We left there for 22 SAS in Hereford and I lived on the old base there in the early sixties.
Well spotted - Graham Alcock
PS I know of a man whose father was in 2 SAS and wasthe intelligence officer - Morgan - the birth of his child is mentioned there too.