2SAS Operations

Does anyone have any detailed information on any of the following 2SAS Operations:-

Sleepy Lad

These were all 2SAS Operations that took place in Italy between September 1943 and April 1944.

Even just names of personnel involved would be a start.

My grandfather's service records show that he was with BNAF (British North Africa Force) from August 1943 to March 1944 when he returned to the UK to officially transfer to 2SAS. I have made the assumption that his time with BNAF, is in fact, his early days with 2SAS but I have no hard facts to back this up. However, I have a recollection from when my grandfather was alive of something to do with Escaped POWs and a lighthouse (which could have been Begonia/Jonquil) and I have his silk maps of Italy/Ancona. He passed parachute training in September 1943 (in my original post, this did say "September 1942 whilst serving with 4HAA Royal Artillery" but the date is shown as September 1943 in his personal service records book which ties in with going to North Africa in August 1943)

Thanks in anticipation

Tim Williams ( grandson of Edward Williams 2SAS 777958 )
Tim join ancestry -you can sometimes find relatives of 2SAS that way - by that means I have been in contact with one Speedwell SAS soldier's relatives - graham
Operation Baobab Lieut Laws and Signalman Dowell were dropped off the day before and signalled in the main demolition party
the report from 682 Squadron CASMA DI FINANZA R/R four miles North of Fano since 21st January bridge over small stream destroyed apparently by sabotage and both lines cut