833924 L/Bombardier Roger WHITE, MM, RA & 2 SAS: K26/10/1943 - MiD


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Hi all I’m researching the above mentioned soldier and am at a bit of a loss. He served with 2 SAS from Aug 1943 until Oct 1943 when unfortunately he was killed in a parachute accident with 2 SAS (he is on Doune Memorial). He won the MM with the Artillery prior to transferring into the SAS however he also has a MiD on his medal group which I cannot find in the gazette. I just wondered he won it on any of 2 SASs Ops whilst he was with the Regt - I believe only Op JANQUIL took place between these dates so I wondered if someone could tell me if he was part of the Op or if they can shed any light on his service. Thanks in advance.