3 CDO BDE Alexander, Samuel Giles William (Sam)

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Samuel Giles William (Sam)
  • UNIT
R.M. 42 Commando (Fire Support Group,J Company)
  • RANK
27th May 2011
  • AGE
St. Mary's Churchyard, Bickleigh, South Hams District, Devon, England
from Hammersmith,London
born 16.6.1982 Hammersmith,London
son of Stuart and Serena Alexander
husband of Claire Alexander (married November 2009) (1 son Leo)
grew up in Hampshire
family moved to Hamble
attended school in Titchfield
R.M. July 2006
passed for duty October 2007
42 Commando (M Company)
42 Commando (K Company)
award M.C. 2009
42 Commando (J Company)
KIA Loy Mandeh Kalay,Nad-e Ali District,Helmand Province,Afghanistan
Marine Sam Alexander MC was born on 16 June 1982 in Hammersmith, London, where he grew up with his mother, Serena, father Stuart and sister, Sophie. He was married to Claire in November 2009 and their son Leo was born in July 2010.
He joined the Royal Marines in July 2006 and passed fit for duty in October 2007. On completion of training, Marine Alexander MC was appointed to the Fire Support Group in Mike Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines.
He later moved to Kilo Company and deployed on Operation HERRICK 9, during which he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry. On his return from operations he trained as a Heavy Weapons (Anti-Tank) specialist and was appointed to Juliet Company, before returning to Afghanistan for Operation HERRICK 14.
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