22 SAS Allen, Malcolm John (Yank)

John Robertson

Staff member
Malcolm John (Yank)
  • UNIT
A Squadron
  • RANK
Staff Sergeant (A/Warrant Officer Second Class)
British Empire Medal
parent regiment SASR


British Empire Medal : In November 1974 Staff Sergeant Malcolm John ALLEN was sent from Regimental Headquarters in BIRMINGHAM to form the new 'A' Squadron located in Highholm Street, PORT GLASGOW. There was no unit in the area on which to form the Squadron. It had no designated Squadron Commander, and the TAVR Centre itself was in a dilapidated and sub-standard condition. The area is an exceedingly tough and hard one, and to the onlookers at Regimental Headquarters, let alone to Staff Sergeant ALLEN himself, the prospects must have looked daunting.

By sheer force of personality. Staff Sergeant ALLEN has made 'A' Squadron the growing an viable unit it is today and to which inspection reports now bear witness. Alone, he went into local pubs, working men's clubs, shipyards and into any local activity which might produce recruits. The current strength of 'A' Squadron, 3 officers and 37 soldiers hides a figure of a further 94 men who have been tempted to apply to the unit, mainly by his efforts. He has, again by his personality and despite lack of rank, badgered and persuaded the TAVR Association to re-equip and redecorate the Drill Hall; He has been the SQMS, Security NCO and Recruiting Officer all at the same time. Finally, he has had to foster and train the new recruits joining the Squadron and prepare them for the Selection course.

Since November 1974 Staff Sergeant ALLEN has given much of his free time to 'A' Squadron, leaving his wife and family at Hereford and seeing them infrequently. He is a man who has served the SAS loyally in many operational theatres over the past twenty years; MALAYSIA, OMAN, BORNEO, RADFAN, ADEN, DHOFAR and other SAS jobs worldwide. Currently on extended service he is due to run out in July 1977. 'A' Squadron however, will certainly remain a growing tribute to his selfless efforts which have become the talk of PORT GLASGOW, and to which the ex-Provost himself has personally borne witness.

Place : Port Glasgow, Scotland
Date of action: November 1974 to date (New Year 1977)
How Employed : Permanent Staff Instructor




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