PARAS 2 Allen, Robert Edgar Maxwell

Craig Robertson

Staff member
Robert Edgar Maxwell
  • UNIT
Parachute Regiment
  • RANK
Staff Sergeant
British Empire Medal
London Gazette 46593, 6th June 1975, Page 7392


British Empire Medal : Drum Major ALLEN joined The Parachute Regiment in August 1953 and has served in the Middle East, Cyprus, South Arabia and Northern Ireland.

For the past three years he has been Drum Major of the Junior Parachute Company and Senior Drum Major of The Parachute Regiment.

During this time he has trained several generations of Junior Drummers, who have passed on to Parachute Battalions on reaching Adult Status, and trained them so well that they have won many musical and sporting awards.

In addition, Drum Major ALLEN has, in his free time, taken on the responsibility for the training of the Old Basing Army Cadet Force Band, a unit which is well recruited and well supported in East Hampshire. This Band too, under Drum Major ALLEN's tutelage, has won many awards, including a number of Open Competitions and has successfully taken part in events abroad as well as in the United Kingdom. Their success is largely due to the enormous interest and meticulous care taken over their training by Drum Major ALLEN as an off duty activity.

The climax of Drum Major ALLEN's service to the Regiment was his training and subsequent personal command of the Massed Bands and Corps of Drums at the Presentation of New Colours to four Parachute Battalions by Her Majesty on 15 July 1974. The splendour of the ceremony owed much to the painstaking planning and organisation of Drum Major ALLEN and the actual performance was acknowledged as being superlative.

Drum Major ALLEN is to leave the Army in August 1975 after 22 years service and recognition of his quite exceptional services to The Parachute Regiment would be immensely popular with all ranks.

Place : Aldershot
Date of Action : July 1974
How Employed : Senior Drum Major, The Parachute Regiment


Drop Zone Normandy
By Sir Napier Crookenden