CANADIAN SPECIAL OPS Arsenault, Joseph Keith

John Robertson

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Joseph Keith
  • UNIT
Canadian Airborne Regiment
  • RANK
Warrant Officer
A24 282 848
29th January 1989
  • AGE
West River United Church Cemetery, Cornwall, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada
born 28.05.1955
wife Tannis Arsenault
2 children (Adam and Kelli)
enlisted 29.07.1946
awarded Canadian Forces Decoration
died Air Crash (Lockheed CC-130E Hercules #130318)
On Sunday, 29 Jan 1989, Canadian Armed Forces Lockheed CC-130E Hercules (#130318) aircraft, which had taken flight from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, crashed while approaching its landing at the Fairbanks-Fort Wainwright Airport in Alaska, USA. As a result, two of the eight aircrew perished in this accident, as did seven of the ten Canadian servicemen passengers on board (six casualties were paratroopers from the Airborne Regiment at CFB Petawawa, Ontario). Eight lost their lives in the crash and one other person died several days later from the serious injuries he'd sustained.
The Hercules, participating in the "Brim Frost" exercise [a joint Canadian-U. S. military exercise being held in the waning days of the Cold War with the Soviets], had crash-landed 300-600 feet short of the runway at night in -46deg C temperatures.
The nine casualties of this aircraft accident were-
Corporal Robert Steven John ALLEN,
Warrant Officer Joseph Keith ARSENAULT,
Master Corporal Paul Émile Claude CASTONGUAY,
Master Corporal John William MacKINNON,
Corporal Paul Steven McGINNIS,
Captain Richard Michael William MOORE,
Master Corporal Donald Edward SMITH,
Acting Corporal Lee Wayne WRIGHT and
Master Corporal Louis Mark PAPINEAU-COUTURE
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