SEALS Ashton, Alfred J. (Al)

No Mean Soldier
By Peter McAleese

John Robertson

Staff member
Alfred J. (Al)
  • UNIT
U.S.N. Seal Team 2
  • RANK
Boatswains Mate
Navy and Marine Corps Medal
South Vietnam
born and raised Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
graduated Allegheny High School 1963
died 10.10.2009
Testimony from a friend
'Al was one of the most decorated SEAL's in the teams during the Vietnam era, having completed three tours. He was wounded twice during those tours one of which was very serious. Some thought he would never recover we all know he proved them wrong! He was awarded 2 purple hearts. Al repeatedly demonstrated bravery and heroism, receiving 35 awards and citations. The highest award he received was the Navy Marine Corps Medal. He was cited for having saved the life of the pilot of a helo in which he was a passenger that crashed in the Gulf Of Thailand. He received a total of 5 Bronze Stars with Combat V's along with numerous other awards. He is among the few SPECWAR Officers to receive certification as a SURFACE Warfare Officer. Al also attained Navy Diving Salvage Officer designation after being commissioned.
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