John Robertson

Staff member
Malcolm (Akker)
  • UNIT
G Squadron (SSM)
  • RANK
Warrant Officer Second Class
19th May 1982
  • AGE
Hereford (St Martin's) Churchyard, Herefordshire SAS Regimental Plot Memorial Plaque
parent unit Grenadier Guards
Coldstream Guards in some sources (WO/373/187)
born 6.7.1945
originally from Barnsley, Yorkshire
former No 1 (Guards) Independent Company
recommended MiD, Oman, 1972 (see WO/373/187) doesn't show awarded, have added citation below
lost in Sea King crash, South Atlantic
Shucknall, Herefordshire War Memorial




Mention in Despatches : ATKINSON was a member of a group of SAS advisers employed with the FIRQAT AL ASIFAT at JIHAT between July and November, 1972. His specialist responsibility was that of controlling close support aircraft.

On the 25th October the Firqat together with ATKINSON and other SAS advisers sprang a successful ambush on a group of some 30 enemy. The enemy recce group of 5 was killed in the initial contact but the the remaining 25 engaged the Firqat and ATKINSON's party. During the ensuing exchange of fire the enemy reinforced to the point where they were stronger than the Firqat. Once the enemy realised the strength of their position they started a series of fire and movement operations to out flank ATKINSON's party. These operations were conducted with a certain amount of success and it quickly became clear that unless they could be held back there was a danger of ATKINSON and his group becoming isolated and destroyed.

To prevent this ATKINSON personally moved forward to an exposed position where he was able to overlook the main enemy movement. Despite the heavy and determined fire directed at him ATKINSON arranged for an airstrike to be called and remained on his own in his exposed location to direct it. With great coolness and precision he brought the strike in with great accuracy.

Such was the success of the strike that the enemy were forced to withdraw temporarily thereby allowing ATKINSON's group to be extracted and to link up with the main force. There is no doubt that his brave action and his skillful use of his professional skills contributed greatly towards the success of the operation and safety of his party.

Place : Oman
Date of Action : 25th October 1972
How Employed : SAS Adviser


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Malcolm (Akker) Atkinson

I went to school with Akker,and we were in the same class,had great times together,will remember him forever with love,maggie.
Malcolm (Akker) Atkinson

I joined the Coldstream Guards in 1964 with Malcolm He was a good Mate It was such a sham to be lost in this way R.I.P old mate
We trained together at Guards Dept Jan to June 1964....Coldstream 13 Company...Sgt proud of Malcolm....I have a photo of our number 23969455 and Malcolm ended Commissioned number 489258....almost 50yrs on, amazingly, I still have an ID card and am still serving.