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Full NameJohn Edward Beautyman
Date of Birth6.22.1920 Hull,Yorkshire (06.05.1921 Hull, Yorkshire, UK via Ancestry)
Date of Death08.09.1981 (Aged 60) (due Leukaemia)
Gravesite14.09.1981 Cremated Northamptonshire, UK
FatherJohn Bright Beautyman (1885-1980) (via Ancestry)
MotherEdith Newton (1897-1960) (via Ancestry)
Enlisted19.01.1938 Hull
PPAParent Unit : Royal Corps of Signals (also with LRDG)
Army Class : Operator Sigs. C1.2
Army Category : Volunteer
joined PPA Feb 1943
PPA P Patrol, HQ Sigs and Blitz Patrol
MarriedEdith Heath (1923-2002) (via Ancestry)
Further Informationresided 15 Weghton Grove, Hull Road, Hull, Yorkshire, UK
post war apprentice mechanic in civilian life

son - David John Beautyman (1945-2005)
2 Rectory Lane, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire listed on probate. (both via Ancestry)

"A man of infinite resource and varied accomplishments, undaunted and reliable, whom I put in command of our headquarters on one occasion when none of our experienced officers was at hand." (Popski)

Award :



Military Medal : On 21 Jun. 44 near TOLENTINO, Italy, at night, behind enemy lines, the patrol in which he was travelling in the second vehicle fell into an ambush and came under MG fire at very close range. With the utmost coolness he returned the enemy fire and covered the party recovering the leading vehicle which had left the road. Though his vehicle was hit several times he kept up his fire for more than 15 minutes until the patrol proceeded on its way. Owing to his steadiness and to his disregard of danger only one casualty was suffered by the patrol in this encounter.

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