22 SAS Bennett, Robert (Bob)

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Robert (Bob)
  • UNIT
22 SAS attached 21 SAS (PSI)
  • RANK
Warrant Officer First Class
British Empire Medal
born 21.06.1919, Oxford, UK
served SAS 1941-45 (see SAS awards WW2)
21 SAS (M Independent Squadron) 1949
Malayan Scouts SAS (B Squadron) 1951
22 SAS (B Squadron + Training Squadron) 1951-55
21 SAS (RSM) 1955-62
wife Nell
died 1996 (Aged 76)


British Empire Medal : Sergeant Bennett was one of the original recruits to the Special Air Service Regiment when it was formed in the Middle East in 1941. He took part in its first operation in the Western Desert in November of that year. He served with great distinction during the War, being awarded the Military Medal in the Western Desert in March 1942. Subsequently he served in Sicily, France and Germany.

After the disbandment of the two serving SAS Regiments in 1945 Bennett was sent to train the Green Sacred Squadron (originally attached to the SAS) until 1949, when he returned to the United Kingdom. ON the formation of 22nd SAS in Malaya, Bennett immediately volunteered for active service and became one of this Regiment's first Squadron Sergeant-Majors. After this period of service had been completed in 1952 he again returned to the United Kingdom to select and train personnel for both the 21st and 22nd SAS Regiments. In 1954 he was appointed a PSI of the 21st SAS Regiment (Artists) TA. In 1959 he was appointed Regimental Sergeant-Major of the Regiment and is serving in that capacity now.

Bennett has now come to the end of his engagement and is leaving the Army after virtually twenty-one years unbroken service with this comparatively new arm. Throughout his service he has don the most valuable work, in battle, in training and administratively, for the Regiment. Not only has he bridged the gap between those who served in the War and those who have joined the T.A. in recent years, but he has been a source of inspiration to new recruits of all ranks. He has done more to pass the traditions of this young Regiment on than any other individual. The high morale of all three Regiments is due in no small part to his unfailing enthusiasm and personal efforts.

Place : United Kingdom
Date of Action : 1941-1962
How Employed : Regimental Sergeant-Major


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