SOE Blomfield, Vernon Elliott

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Vernon Elliott
  • UNIT
Mission Bergamotte
  • RANK
Member of the Order of the British Empire,Medal of Freedom with silver palm (USA),Croix de Guerre avec palme (France)
France 1944
parent unit Suffolk Regiment
born 25.5.1905 Harrow-on-the-Hill,Middlesex
son of Edwin Cecil and and Ada H. (nee Elliott) Blomfield
resided Harestone Hill,Caterham,Sussex during WW2
family moved to Canada pre WW1
educated St Andrews College,Toronto,Canada
graduated University of London (B.A. with 1st Class Hons in French)
teacher of modern languages,King Edward's School,Stourbridge
enlisted 17.10.1940
Suffolk Regiment
Lance Cpl November 1940
168 OCTU April-June 1941
commissioned 21.6.1941 (WS 2Lt)
6 Bn Suffolk Regiment
SOE 5.1.1942
STS4 Depot 5.1.1942
Group A January 1942
STS 51 July 1942
Group B May 1943
ME 65 (Jedburgh training) May 1944
to France 1.6.1944
returned UK 21.9.1944
posted 3 Infantry Holding Bn 9.7.1945
A/Lieutenant 16.3.1942
WS/Lt 1.11.1942
A/Captain 1.11.1942
T/Captain 1.2.1943
A/Major 10.9.1943
WS/Captain 10.12.1943
T/Major 10.12.1943
A/Lt Colonel 10.4.1945
WS/Lt Colonel 9.7.1945
married Joan Percy Carrington
married Cobra (2nd marriage)
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