SOE Boyle, Archibald Robert (Archie)

John Robertson

Staff member
Archibald Robert (Archie)
  • UNIT
Director of Security,Intelligence and Personnel,S.O.E.
  • RANK
H/Air Commodore
Commander of the Order of Leopold II (Belgium)
parent unit Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
born 11.8.1887
Infantry 1907
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Captain) WW1
award M.C. 1915 bar to M.C. 1916
award O.B.E. 1919 (Squadron Leader,RAF)
Civil Service 1922
Foreign Office
Air Ministry (Assistant Under Secretary of State)
Air Ministry (Deputy Director of Intelligence Section) 1939 (award C.M.G. 1939) (Major)
Honorary Air Commodore,RAF 19.2.1940
Air Liaison Officer
SOE 7.7.1941 (Head of D/T Section) (Security)
SOE Code A/CD (Director of Security,Intelligence and Personnel)
died 1949
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