Brian Dodd MM

SAS Shadow Raiders
By Damien Lewis


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Thanks for your reply. Try and get him on Facebook, loads of ex. Paras on there and some great pictures of the 60s/70s era. met Brian at Abingon in 1967, and I am from the same area as him. last saw him around 1978.


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If you put a friend request for Veronica Dodd there are pics on my fb page. Brian does not play with computers, only classic cars! I am his computer!

Ron Barker

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Hi Richard, sorry to inform you Brian Dodd MM passed away over the weekend February 1st 2021. Brian served with 22 in D Squadron 1964-1968. His funeral will took place on Tuesday 16 February 2021 at 1430 Hours at Landican Cemetery, South Chapel, Woodchurch, Wirral CH49 5LW. I served with Brian he was a good friend.