OSS Brucker, Herbert R.

John Robertson

Staff member

Herbert R.

  • UNIT
OSS Special Operations Branch (SOE Hermit Network)

  • RANK
Second Lieutenant


Distinguished Service Cross,Croix de Guerre with silver star

France 1944

born Newark,New Jersey
French born father and German-American mother
grew up Alsace,France
returned to US 1938
entered service 1940
US Army (Private)
Sergeant 1942
OSS August 1943 (T4)
radio operator
Second Lt 1944
Special Ops Branch
SOE Hermit Network
Det 101 Burma and China 1945 (Team Ibex,China 1945)
1st Lieutenant 1945
10 Special Forces Group 1952 (Major)
designated the Green Beret 1953
77 Special Forces Group
died 16.3.2007 Fayetteville,North Carolina
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