CHINDITS 1944 Chandler, Thomas Joseph

John Robertson

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Thomas Joseph
  • UNIT
2 Bn Leicestershire Regiment (16 Bde)
  • RANK
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Burma 1944
born 19.6.1891 Sheerness,Kent
served R.G.A. in WW1
gardener in civilian life (member of RHS)
shown in some records as Joseph Thomas Chandler (error)
71 Column
WIA 12.4.1944 Hill 602,Burma
resided Bexley,Kent in later life
died 19.4.1966 Bexley,Kent
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Eddie Chandler

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Thomas Joseph Chandler

Typescript of Citation held at The National Archive Centre (Kew)

Page 1

On 27th March ’44, 71 Column was heavily attacked by the Japanese. In our counter attack 1 Officer and 4 others were killed. Sergeant Chandler Platoon Sergeant 15 Platoon, took a Section to recover the five bodies. Despite very heavy enemy automatic fire and grenades Sergeant Chandler, by cool and
skilful handling of his Section succeeded in recovering all the bodies. Five Japanese were killed, Sergeant Chandler personally accounting for 2. His excellent example and leadership were an encouragement to his whole Column.

Page 2

On 12th April ’44 an ambush party from 17 & 71 Columns were blocking the route NABA-MAWLU mile 602, Sergeant Chandler now commanding 15 Platoon, was heavily attacked by Japanese, first by automatic fire and grenades, then by assault. Sergeant Chandler’s personal leadership in the hand to hand fighting enabled the Platoon to withstand the assault. At least 15 Japanese were killed. During this action Sergeant Chandler was wounded, first by a bullet through his shoulder, but continued to lead his Platoon until again shot, this time through his side. He was then evacuated by pony when the ambush withdrew. Despite his painful journey on mule, he remained cheerful throughout. His leadership and courage throughout the action were magnificent and his cheerful determination once wounded a fine and effective example to all.

Eddie Chandler

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Thomas Joseph Chandler

After reading the citation I discovered that there was a war diary for the 2nd Leicesters. By viewing this I have found the names of the men killed on 27th March 1944. Although there are six names, I am have assume that they were all killed in the same battle.

1. Lieutenant Martin Edward Anthony Dallosso 14.A.20
2. Lance Corporal Leslie Alfred Carey 14.A.21
3. Sapper Stanley Blaylock Rangoon Memorial Face 3
4. Gunner George Charles Dorset 14.A.22
5. Private J Fuller 14.A.23
6. Private Aubrey Ernest Hickson 14.A.24

I am at present tracing the families of these men and have managed to find living relatives of 3 of the men.

Lieutenant Martin Edward Anthony Dallosso
Sapper Stanley Blaylock
Private Aubrey Ernest Hickson

Any further information on any names of men in this Battalion would be very much appreciated.

I can be contacted via:
mobile: 07951 768098


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Thomas Joseph Chandler

very good eddie your grandad is a man to be proud of god bless them all. my dad was in the same 16 bde