CHINDITS 1943 Cheevers, Richard Murdoch

John Robertson

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Richard Murdoch
  • UNIT
13 Bn King's Regiment (Liverpool)
  • RANK
Company Sergeant Major
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Burma 1943
8 Column


Distinguished Conduct Medal : OPERATIONS IN BURMA - MARCH 1943.

On 30th April 1943, No.8 Column and HQ No.2 Group, 77 Ind. Inf. Bde., had completed their crossing of the KAUKKWE CHAUNG by raft, and were forming up within their bridgehead to move off, when fire was opened by a strong force of Japanese from the landward direction on the side of the river on which the British force was. Sergeant Major CHEEVERS directed Column HQ, which was under his immediate command, to make its way along the river bank with the main body, and immediately proceeded to the edge of the perimeter to prevent the enemy interfering with the withdrawal. Almost at once he saw a Japanese machine gun which was being manoeuvred into a position from which the withdrawing column would be caught by a devastating fire. Sergeant Major CHEEVERS opened fire with his sub-machine gun and killed the enemy gun crew. He was immediately fired on himself from a few yards to his left by another machine gun; he turned his fire on this and again wiped out the crew. No further enemy being visible in his immediate neighbourhood, he reported back to his Column Commander and asked to be given another task. By now the withdrawal was well under way, and thanks to the respite gained by CHEEVER's prompt and resolute action the Column was in a position to acquit itself well and without suffering casualties during the attempt by the enemy to bring on a running fight.

CHEEVER's conduct on this day was typical of the resolution and determination which he displayed throughout the whole campaign.

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Hi John,

I hope you will read this one day soon. I have information about CSM Cheevers including a copy of his citation for his DCM. Have you seen the photograph of him with RSM Livingstone, taken in Burma in late April 1943. Both men were instrumental in leading men back to India safely and were top men from column 8 on Longcloth.


Steve Fogden