22 SAS Collins, Liam (Ginge)

John Robertson

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Liam (Ginge)
  • UNIT
attached 23 SAS
  • RANK
Warrant Officer First Class
7th December 1996
  • AGE
Hereford (St Martin's) Churchyard,Herefordshire SAS Regimental Plot Section B Row 2 Grave 22
parent unit Royal Green Jackets
born 11.3.1956 Rainwick,Romford,Essex
born as Lias Collins (changed to Liam by deed poll 1980s)
parents believed to have died when he was aged 8
brought up as a Barnardos Boy
seriously injured during jungle training in Brunei 1993-94
spent some time in hospital,Hong Kong
married Sandra (divorced 1996) (1 son Rory)
died with 23 SAS in UK
date of death given in one source as 12.12.1996 (error)
buried 19.12.1996
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pete mccreith

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Liam (Ginge) Collins

even though you were in the reg after i joined the green jackets you were a true legend you new my father and many of my older friends rest in peace RIP brother black and green


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Liam (Ginge) Collins

was a good friend, a brilliant soldier,served with cop platoon in londonderry in 78 rest in peace old pal, always remembered.