22 SAS Creaser, John Michael

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John Michael
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Staff Sergeant (A/Warrant Officer Second Class)
British Empire Medal
from Yorkshire


British Empire Medal : WO2 Creaser has served with the Specia Air Service continuously since 1966 in a wide variety of operational situations. He was service in the Borneo, Aden and Oman campaigns and more recently has commanded his own Special Air Service troop whilst engaged in sensitive covert operations in Northern Ireland. As a result he has an outstanding active service record.

In March 1978 the Italian Government asked the British Government for Special Air Service advisers to assist them in the political crisis following the kidnapping of Senor Moro. WO2 Creaser was specially selected for the task because of his unique expertise in counter terrorist techniques and his reliability in a situation of the greatest political sensitivity. With the minimum notice he flew to Italy in company with a Special Air Service officer to advise and retrain the Italian counter terrorist team. Two weeks late the officer was recalled to the United Kingdom leaving WO2 Creaser with the full responsibility for preparing the ground for a Special Air Service training team, which by then had been deemed necessary, and maintaining relations with local senior naval commanders.

Without upsetting the volatile but experienced sailors who comprised the Italian counter terrorist team, WO2 Creaser effectively retained them single handed in the sophisticated and specialised skilled they would need if Senor Moro and his kidnappers were discovered. Concurrently he prepared the equipment, accommodation, training areas and training programmes that the full Special Air Service team, at that moment assembling in Hereford, would need for the comprehensive follow-up training course. Throughout this time he was in frequent contact with the British Embassy staff and was required on a number of occasions to advise senior members of the Italian administration on counter terrorist measures. Following the arrival of the full training team he assumed the role of second-in-command providing essential continuity and liaison with the host nation.

WO2 Creaser's performance would have been outstanding in normal circumstances. But, given the delicate and confused military situation in Italy at the time, the volatile and unpredictable nature of the trainees and the complete lack of systematic administration, his achievement was prodigious.

The responsibility which he was called upon to shoulder was far in excess of his rank and status. That the training operation was a remarkable success was entirely due to his devotion to duty and to his considerable personal qualities. He was able to make a major contribution to significantly improving the ability of Italy to resist international terrorism.

The consistent example which he has set throughout his service in this as in every other operation stands as an inspiration to his fellows and are in the highest tradition of the Special Air Service Regiment.

Place : Worldwide Service since 1966
Date of Action : 1966-1979
How Employed : Special Air Service duties


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