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Greetings everyone!

I am looking for information and/or photographs of all the women agents,including their husbands, brothers, etc. who were also agents of DF, F and RFSections of the Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.). Despite the many books,documents, files, Internet websites and newspaper articles, there is still alot to piece together about their activities in the field; this applies mostlyto the agents of 'RF'. After researching these individuals for roughly 15years, I have recently begun to look into the untold stories of 'DF' and 'RF'.However, this has not been an easy task. Sadly, those that served during theSecond World War are dying off - the duty and responsibility lies with us, thenext generations to pick up the torch to ensure that their courage and sacrificesdo not lay in vain. Please help if you can! I have a wide collection ofdocuments and photographs that I would be willing to exchange, or even if yousimply want them for your own personal collection. I have sent out letters,e-mails, reaching out in any method at my disposal to further my study; veryfew take the time to respond. This have become my main passion in life, andonly for my own sake; I am not an author, simply a private citizen who has madeit a point to keep their names alive in the spirit of life. In the past, I wasentrusted with private photographs of Eliane PLEWMAN and Marguerite PETITJEAN,so privacy will not be an issue, if you so desire.

Note: Family members listed are based on them having aPF at the National Archives, UK.

Names listed in
red are individuals to whom I have no knownportrait, and would very much like to have some if possible.


GERSON, Gigliana orGiliana Balmaceda, née PROVASOLI

Family members:
GERSON, Haim Victor (husband of Gigliana Gerson)

AGAZARIAN, Françoise "Francine" Isabella, née ANDRE; later Mrs. JohnCestmir CAIS
AISNER, Julienne Marie Louise, née SIMART; previously Mrs. Joseph E.LAULER, later Mme Jean Maurice BESNARD
ATKINS, Vera May
BAISSAC, Lise Marie Jeanette de; later Mme Gustave VILLAMEUR
BASEDEN, Yvonne Jeanne Thérèse de Vibraye; later Mrs. Desmond BAILEY, laterMrs. BURNEY
BEEKMAN, Yolande Elsa Maria, née UNTERN
BLOCH, Denise Madeleine
BORREL, Andrée Raymonde
BUTT, Sonia Esmée Florence; later Mme Lionel Guy d'ARTOIS
BYCK, Muriel Tamara
CHARLET, ValentineBlanche
ÊNE, Marie-Thérèse le
CORMEAU, Beatrice Yvonne, née BIESTERFELD; later Mrs. James EdgarFARROW
DAMERMENT, Madeleine Zoé Léonie (Alias in U.K.: Martine DUSSAUTOY)
FONTAINE, Yvonne, later Mme DUMONT
GRANVILLE, Christine, born GIZYCKA, Krystyna; later Mrs. SKARBEK
HALL, Virginia; later Mrs. Paul Gaston GOILLOT
HERBERT, Mary Katherine; later Mrs. Claude Marie Marc de BOUCHERVILLE deBAISSAC
INAYAT-KHAN, Noor-un-nisa (Alias in U.K.: Nora BAKER)
JULLIAN, Ginette Marie Hélène; later Mme Philippe de SCITIVAUX DE GREISCHE
KNIGHT, Marguerite Diana Frances; later Mrs. Eric SMITH
LATOUR, Phyllis Ada; later Mrs. Patrick DOYLE
LAVIGNE, Madeleine(Alias in U.K.: Marianne LATOUR)
LEFORT, Cicely Margot, née GORDON
LEIGH, Vera Eugenie, born Ira Eugenie GLASS
NEARNE, Eileen Mary Nearne
NEARNE, Jacqueline Françoise Mary Josephine
O'SULLIVAN, Maureen Patricia; later Mrs. Walter Eric ALVEY
ROCHESTER, Devereaux
ROLFE, Lilian Vera
ROWDEN, Diana Hope
RUDELLAT, Yvonne Claire, née CERNEAU
SANSOM, Odette Marie Céline, née BRAILLY; later Mrs. Peter Morland CHURCHILL,later Mrs. Geoffrey MacLeod HALLOWES
, Violette ReineElizabeth, née BUSHELL
WAKE, Nancy Grace Augusta; later Mme Henri FIOCCA, later Mrs. John FORWARD
WALTERS, Anne-Marie; later Mme Jean-Claude COMERT
WILÉN, Odette Victoria, née SAR; later Mrs. Santiago Strugo GARAY

WITHERINGTON, CecilePearl; later Mme Henri Charles CORNIOLEY

Family members:
AGAZARIAN, Jack Charles Stanmore (husband of "Francine" Agazarian)
ALVEY, Eric Walter(husband of Maureen O'Sullivan)
ARTOIS, Lionel Guy d' (husband of Sonia Butt)
BAISSAC, Claude Marie Marc de BOUCHERVILLE de (brother of Lise de Baissac;husband of Mary Herbert)
BEEKMAN, Jacob "Jaap" (husband of Yolande Beekman)
BESNARD, JeanMaurice (husband of Julienne Aisner)
ÊNE, Henry Paul le (husband of Marie-Thérèse Le Chêne, brother of PierreLouise Le Chêne)
CHÊNE, PierreLouis le
CHURCHILL, Peter Morland (husband of Odette Sansom)
CORNIOLEY, HenriCharles (husband of Pearl Witherington)
GOILLOT, PaulGaston (husband of Virginia Hall)
NEARNE, Francis(brother of Eileen and Jacqueline Nearne)


BOHEC, Jeanne Hyacinthe Marie Amelie
CORGE, AimeeRaymonde
GIANELLO,Marguerite Françoise
GRUNER, Eugenie Germaine
HEIM, Germaine Adrienne
PETITJEAN,Marguerite Marie Emma; later Mrs. Harry Hood BASSETT
PICHARD, Cécile Eugenie; later Mme de MARCILLY
REDDÉ, Danielle Georgette; later Mme de MOURGUES
SOMERS, JosianeJeanne Elise; later Mme Claude Emile César GROS
SOMERS, Marcelle Isbergnes, née GEORGES

Family members:
GROS, Claude EmileCésar (husband of Josiane Somers, son-in-law of Marcelle Somers, brother-in-lawof Claude Somers)
PICHARD, Michel André (brother of Cecile Pichard)
SOMERS, ClaudeCharles (brother of Josiane Somers, son of Marcelle Somers, brother-in-law ofClaude Gros)

I thank you in advance for your time, attention and hopeful co-operation forreading my message,

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