OSS Eliscu, William Kane

Beyond the Chindwin
By Bernard Fergusson

John Robertson

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William Kane
  • UNIT
OSS France
  • RANK

Army Commendation Ribbon,Knight of the Order of the Crown (Italy),Officer of the Order of the British Empire
born New York,New York
Aide to General Donovan
OSS France
employed NBC newsroom
producer of films and documentaries
executive producer,TV series "O.S.S." 1957-58
married Ilsa (1 son)
had a daughter to Vera Links Eliscu
retired as Colonel
died 29.12.1997 Toluca Lake,Los Angeles,California
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William Kane Eliscu

Sir: I am the son of William Eliscu. My father was ranked coronel not captain at the time of his death. My father wa aide to General William Donovan, founder of the OSS.For the rrecord please refe to my father as Coronel William Eliscu. Thank you, Webb Eliscu


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Thank you, Webb. I am the Daughter of Col. William Eliscu. Never met him. Would have liked to. That is true, he was indeed a Colonel in the OSS. I forgive him his shortcomings.

John, please correct the info to read the Col. Eliscu also had a Daughter, if you would please be so kind. My Mom was Vera Links Eliscu, of NJ.

Thank you.
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Thank you for the info, Webb. Would love to speak with you sometime. I am often in touch with Louis & Paula Eliscu, of NJ, who are very kind to me. Louis was Dad's First Cousin, and my Second Cousin. I was fortunate to meet their extended family, as they invited me to their 50th Wedding Anniversary party, 2010. I hope you are well. Thank you.

Veronica James Eliscu


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John, Thank you so much for adding my Mom's and my info. I agree with Webb. Our father was indeed a Colonel, not a Captain. Please correct that info.

Thanks again.

Veronica James Eliscu