PARAS 2 Fleming, Jon Willoughby Alexander

Craig Robertson

Staff member
Jon Willoughby Alexander
  • UNIT
Parachute Regiment
  • RANK
Lieutenant Colonel
Officer of the Order of the British Empire
London Gazette 48837, 30th December 1981, Page 6


Officer of the Order of the British Empire : Lt-Col Fleming has commanded the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion since March 1979. By any criterion his selection for that appointment was an inspiration. On assuming command, he quickly reassessed the situation in the battalion and introduced a new training system under which both ha Company and Platoon Commanders became much more personally involved and responsible for the training and administration of the Junior Leaders under their command. During this rather difficult period Lt-Col Fleming displayed outstanding powers of leadership by convincing even the most experienced and longest serving members of his largely civilian academic staff of the soundness of his ideas and proposals. The results were soon apparent, and continue to be reflected in a much greater motivation, sense of purpose and achievement by all ranks. By his professionalism, encouragement, enthusiasm, sheer physical energy and an infectious cheerfulness, Lt-Col Fleming has raised the battalion standards in all fields to new heights during the period of his command. His personal standards, character and maturity are a constant inspiration to those under his command.

A mountaineer of no mean ability who has either led or been the deputy leader of a number of Service expeditions to Greenland, Norway and the Nepal Himalayas, including an almost successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1976, Lt-Col Fleming has selflessly devoted much of his own time to lecturing on his climbing experiences both internationally and across the country to youth clubs, civic organisations and the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.

Lt-Col Fleming represents all that is the very best in the Army. He is an outstanding leader who inspires very considerable confidence in both young and old alike. Above all in the past two years he has rendered exceptional service.

Date of Action : March 1979 to May 1981
How Employed : Commanding Officer Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion