SAS Frank Hughes DCM 850427 2 SAS

David Sutton

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I am researching on behalf of my Wife, her uncle, Frank Hughes DCM 850427

I know of his exploits in operations Trueform and Tombola (where he lost an eye), but am looking for advice where to look for information not published in book form.

As she is not next of kin I don't think that we can obtain his service record directly?

Any help appreciated.

David Sutton
Operation Tombola
By Roy Farran
Colonel Paddy
By Patrick Marrinan
Hi David,
You can apply for his service record [as a General Enquirer] but would cost £30 and it also depends on when he died,if its over 25years then the full B199A can be released, if less than 25years [unless immediate next of kin] then very little in the way of information can be released. If you require the address details for the P&T Branch Historical Disclosures Glasgow and link to the MoD page with regards to relevant forms just let me know.
Have you also tried the SAS Regimental Association.


hello David, my father was in 2 SAS. In the Leeds Armoury Museum library is a copy of the 'SAS War Diary' you can go there and ask to read through it. It lists all of the missions and give accounts and men's names.
Graham Alcock
Hi David,

Do you know Frank Hughes medals were sold at auction by Dix Noonan Webb on 25th March 1997.

Best wishes,

Hi Ian,

thanks for the message and yes I know.
I am hoping they will come up for sale again. Dix Noonan will not disclose who bought them!