FSSF Aldershot


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The Forceman second from the left is SgtC.W. Hronek 5co.1st Reg. From the book"A Commemorative History, First Special Service Force" "...He was assigned to the 5th Company,First Regement.Served in5-1 and was woundee at La Defensa on Dec 6,1943.Returnung to the Force,he remained until the breakup,then returned to England with other airbourne-qualified Canadian Forcemen. At Victoria Barracks,Aldershot,he was assigned as a Sergeant to a company of former Forcemen. Each morning,the group would line up,go through the American manual of arms,marchout the gate,and disappear into Aldershot for the remainder of the day,until it was time tomarch back in for a meal.This lasted until the senior RSM on the scene called a halt to it.Along with others,he was then assigned to evaluating former Defence of Canada Only soldiers,putting them through a live fire course and evaluating senior non-coms for their combat worth.He was returned to Canada and discharged in January,1946.
Thanks for the info. I was aware that Dad (Alec "Mike" Lyle 4-2), returned to England as an Instructor but I didn't know the location. This explains how he was able to visit so many of his relatives while there.