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Full NameDonald Galloway
NicknameDon - Gal
Date of Birth02.09.1920 Pudsey, Yorkshire
Date of Death30.05.1988
Enlisted24.10.1938 Halifax,Yorkshire
Militaryparent unit Royal Army Service Corps (336 TT Company)
Army Class - Driver i/c
Army Category - Volunteer
joined PPA 3.2.1944 from No 1 CRU
PPA B Patrol
wounded 9.12.1944 and 29.4.1945
Further Informationresided Police Station, Grassington, near Skipton, Yorkshire
student in civilian life
Policeman in Bradford postwar



Military Medal : Ref Map ITALY 1 : 50,000 Sheet 89 - I

On the afternoon of 9 Dec 44 'B' patrol, PPA, were ordered to go to the relief of a dismounted posn of 'D' Sqn 27L in the area M 5847 who were being strongly attacked by the enemy. When about 50 yds from this fwd enemy posn, and under hy mortar and MG fire, Cpl. GALLOWAY left his jeep and ran fwd to help a wounded Lancer who was in danger of drowning in the marshes. He succeeded in rescuing the wounded man and carried him to his Jeep. While he was doing this he was wounded in the leg.

Nevertheless, although bleeding profusely he continued to engage the enemy with his gun for at least ten mins before driving his Jeep to safety, where he fainted from loss of blood.

Recommendation by A.M.Horsbrugh-Porter Lt-Col., Comd 27th Lancers

Bar To Military Medal : On the village square of DOLO (Italy) on the 29th April 1945, a PPA patrol was engaged by the nearby enemy. Almost immediately the Patrol Commander was wounded, Sgt.Galloway took over command of the patrol, when firing his MG he got wounded himself, he carried on firing until his ammunition was exhausted, then he took a bazooka, walked across the square under heavy fire, fired 3 bombs at a German strongpoint, he was already very weak - returned to his jeep. Then seeing that one man was wounded in another jeep some 15 yds away, again regardless of his own safety he went into the open, helped the wounded to get under cover. Then judging the opposition was too strong, he ordered the patrol to withdraw, he was on the last vehicle to leave the square, and a few minutes later when the whole patrol was safe, he fainted completely exhausted.

Recommendation by Major JMC Caneri, MC OC., 1 Dem Sqdn., PPA


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