SOE Gavan (Garry) Bernard Duffy, SOE Albania

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I am looking for more information about Gavan Bernard Duffy who was a Lieutenant in the SOE in Albania. He was instrumental in leading 30 American medics and nurses out of Albania in 1943-44. He was from Yorkshire, born in 1916 and died in 1990. Any information or photos is appreciated!
I have reference to him in the Nigel West book 'Secret War' he was part of a small group parachuted into Northern Greece on the 17th April 1943, intending to walk across the frontier. Garry Duffy who was with the Royal Engineers, and a demolitions expert (according to the book) this was an SOE Mission codenamed CONSENSUS, the mission encountered a set back when their interpreter abandoned the mission, despite this set back the mission finally went ahead and they landed at Epirus, then linked up with John Cook of SOE's Greek Section, they then took on the hazardous trek across the mountains into Albania, where, on the second attempt late in June 1943 contact was made with with Enver Hoxha the French-educated Communist Guerrilla leader. Once relations had been established with him, by a series of air drops to equip his men, permission was granted by Hoxha for the installation of a British Mission.
Hope this helps? the book ISBN code: 0-340-51870-7 (Published in 1992)

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