Craig Robertson

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Peter Andrew
  • UNIT
Parachute Regiment (3rd Battalion)
  • RANK
Sergeant (BEM), Major (Quartermaster) (MBE)
22980862 (Sergeant) 497562 (Major)
British Empire Medal, Member of the Order of the British Empire
South Arabia 1964 (BEM) 1985 (MBE)
London Gazette 43634, 23rd April 1965, Page 4118 (BEM)
London Gazette 50361, 30th December 1985, Page 6 (MBE)


British Empire Medal : Sergeant Geraghty was employed with the foremost echelon of battalion headquarters through the period of operation. Frequently responsible for the organisation and running of the battalion net, he improvised with exceptional skill to maintain the extended battalion group net.

Under fire, he set a high example of coolness and devotion to duty, inspiring the radio operators with his resolution. His conduct deserves high praise and recognition.

Place : South Arabian Federation (RADFAN)
Date of Action : 14 - 27 May 1964
How Employed : Signal Sergeant

Member of the Order of the British Empire : Major Geraghty took over as the Quartermaster of the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment on 25 October 1982. The battalion had just completed a move from Tidworth to Aldershot having recently returned from operations in The Falklands. There was much to be done if the unit was to be ready to train during 1983; losses to kit and equipment had to be made up and the unit settled into its new barracks. Furthermore, during the first three months of his tour both his Regimental and Technical Quartermaster Sergeants and his Quartermaster Technical changed, all of the new arrivals were filling their appointments for the first time.

With a combination of hard work, competence, enthusiasm and leadership Major Geraghty welded his new team together and by working long hours they cleared the backlog of work. There then followed a very busy two years. In the first, Major Geraghty faced and dealt successfully with; five major exercises, the UKIF Mortar Concentration, two deployments in support of RAF Greenham Common and each company group exercising overseas in turn. In all Major Geraghty moved the battalion in and out of temporary camps ten times during 1983. In the second, in addition to the usual run of exercises, the battalion completed a tour in Belize and on returning to Aldershot was again deployed at short notice to guard a Cruise Missile exercise.

Throughout this period Major Geraghty remained undaunted by these tasks, organizing his team and the battalion's resources calmly and methodically. He was always prepared to work long hours and always gave the highest priority to the well being of the soldiers rather than to administrative convenience. For this he is respected deeply by the men of the battalion. He strove constantly to improve the knowledge and understanding of his subordinates. By his unselfish attitude and his high personal standards Major Geraghty has ensured that the battalion wanted for nothing that he could obtain or organize. His outstanding example of diligence, ability and good humoured leadership ensured that despite many difficulties and an unusually eventful two years the standard of administration in the battalion was not only maintained but enhanced. The leadership and inspiration shown by this exceptional Quartermaster and his unstinting and sustained contribution to the well being of the battalion deserves recognition.

Place : Aldershot
Date of Action : October 1982 - February 1984
How Employed : Quartermaster 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment


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