GREEN BERETS Goodman, Nathan Lee

John Robertson

Staff member
Nathan Lee
  • UNIT
7 SF Group (ODA-3214,Company A,2 Bn)
  • RANK
Master Sergeant
14th January 2020
  • AGE
Arlington National Cemetery,Virginia
from Hope Mills,North Carolina
born 10.5.1983 Pasadena,California
son of Larry and Donna Goodman
husband of Kelly (nee Allard) Goodman,Hope Mills,North Carolina (married 4.12.2007) (1 daughter Lillyanna,1 son Ethan)
graduated Thornton Fractional South High School,Lansing,Illinois 2002
grew up Chicago,Illinois
entered service July 2002
27 Infantry Regiment (1 Bn)
left active duty
19 SF Group (Company A,2 Bn) 2005
graduated SF 2008
returned to active duty 2010
3 SF Group (2 Bn)
1 Special Warfare Training Group (Senior + Chief Instructor)
3 SF Group (2 Bn) July 2018
Master Sergeant July 2019
awards Bronze Star with 2 oak leaf clusters,Legion of Merit,Meritorious Service Medal,Army Commendation Medal with 3 oak leaf clusters
killed during freefall exercise near Eloy,Arizona
body recovered in Arizona City
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