GREEN BERETS Gunnison, John H.

John Robertson

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John H.
  • UNIT
5 SF Group (MACV-SOG-CCS) (RT Level + RT Sickle) + (MACV-SOG-CCC) (RT Iowa)
  • RANK

Bronze Star with V device with oak leaf cluster,Army Commendation Medal with V device
Cambodia 1969 (ACMV) Cambodia 1970 (BSV) South Vietnam 1970 (BSV olc)
MACV-SOG-CCS-RT Sickle 1970 (BSV)
MACV-SOG-CCN-RT Iowa 1970-71 (BSVolc)
WIA 1.1.1971 South Vietnam
discharged 9.3.1971 Fort Sheridan,Louisiana
residing British Columbia,Canada 2013
died 21.03.2020
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This is my uncle John, my mothers brother. I remember several times when he was on leave, he would pick me up from school in his uniform. His presence almost demanded attention (not that he wanted it) but he was so tall he dwarfed nearly everyone in the area. He would send reel to reel tapes to us when he was deployed. I remember several times hearing gunshots in the background and he would abruptly stop recording and come back and continue talking as if nothing had happened. He loved his split window Corvette and would scare the crap out of my brother and I when he would give us rides in it. Him and his wife became missionaries not long after he was discharged and they spent many years in Africa.
John passed away on March 21, 2020