22 SAS Hoe, Alan

Craig Robertson

Staff member
  • UNIT
22 SAS
  • RANK
Warrant Officer 2
Dhofar 1970-1972
recommended for MBE, but non-Gazetted and doesn't show awarded (WO 373/172/575)


Member of the Order of the British Empire : SSM HOE has served as A Squadron SSM for the past 2½ years. During this period his Squadron completed 2 operational tours in Dhofar. SSM HOE's performance of his many duties has been beyond praise. In particular whilst acting as SSM in the field on 10 January, 1972 he went forward from SHQ location while under heavy enemy fire and rescued a wounded man by carrying him, unaided, to safety. At a later stage on this tour SSM HOE was appointed the Operations Officer of a battalion-size area. He had a small staff, had to deal with both local and seconded officers and be able to react to quickly moving operations on the jebel. In this office he displayed quite outstanding qualities of organisation, foresight planning and an enormous capacity for hard work under exceptionally trying circumstances. On one occasion his foresight, imagination and prompt actions on hearing of seven separate engagements on the jebel undoubtedly saved the lives of many wounded members of the Government Forces. During the rest of his tour with constant contacts taking place and rapid redeployments of company-size forces SSM HOE provided a quite remarkable service to those fighting in the Jebel. The confidence he produced as a result of his planning ability, capacity for quick reaction and energy was as invaluable to his commander as it was heartening to the soldiers doing the fighting.

SSM HOE has also acted as Squadron Second-in-Command, moved the Squadron around the world as Air Liaison Officer and taken on extra responsibilities far and beyond those normally expected of his rank. Between operational tours he has made a very positive contribution to the efficiency of his squadron and invariably set the highest standards. During his tour he has consistently displayed, both on operations and in camp, great qualities of leadership, wide powers of organization and a tireless devotion to duty. He is an inspiration to all ranks.

Place : Dhofar, Oman
Date of Action : 29th November 1970 to 14th December 1972
How Employed : SSM/Ops Officer