PARAS 2 Jenkins, John Fredrick

Craig Robertson

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John Frederick
  • UNIT
Parachute Regiment
  • RANK
Mention in Despatches, British Empire Medal
Northern Ireland 1st November 1980 - 31st January 1981 (MiD), Queen's Birthday Honours 1990
born 23.07.1944
Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant Counter Terrorist Team
London Gazette 48651, 15th June 1981, Page 8086 (MiD)
London Gazette 52173, 15th June 1990, Page 19 (BEM)


British Empire Medal : In the first against terrorism, technology and material play a significant part. It is essential that the many developed items of specialist equipment are maintained at optimum serviceability, matching the high readiness state of the forces disposed. Within 22 SAS, for some 7 years, the larger part of this responsibility, husbandry of the Counter Terrorist (CT) Team's equipment has devolved upon Sgt Jenkins.

In the post of Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant for the CT Team, Sgt Jenkins has displayed noteworthy efficiency, dedication and loyalty. Being responsible for the accounting maintenance and safe keeping of all CT weapons, ammunition and equipment held within the Regiment, his task is enormous. It involves unceasing hard work and great attention to detail, the CT Team's constant high state of operational readiness being significantly dependent upon his effectiveness. This readiness must be maintained in the face of continuous and severe training and exercise programs, placing seemingly endless demands on equipment and ammunition. Throughout the years, he has ensured that 'The Team's' effectiveness never suffered through issued equipment deficiencies. Indeed, his management has proved crucial in maintaining our operational effectiveness in this area. It would be easy to overlook his efficiency and capability; working virtually without supervision on an account with holdings far in excess of many units, he always provides the necessary equipment support. One can be assured that always he will be there, providing 'the goods'.

In shorty, Sgt. Jenkins' dedication and unflagging work in the undramatic field of CT equipment husbandry have in fact contributed significantly to the operation effectiveness of 22 SAS. His loyalty has been exemplary; it is the very substance of Regimental integrity. It is most proper that such endeavour, adding to the tradition of selfless service, should receive public recognition.

Place : Hereford
Date Of Action : October 1982 to October 1989
How Employed : Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant, Counter Terrorist Team


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