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John Robertson

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R.M. Special Boat Service
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RM 22871
Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct
Mid Atlantic (QE2 bomb threat) 1972
London Gazette 45787, 25th September 1972, Page 11359


Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct : On the morning of 18th May 1972, a team of Service personnel was sent to deal with a bomb threat in the Queen Elizabeth II which at that time was in mid-Atlantic on her way to Europe. To get the team on board the ship a parachute drop into the sea was necessary.

The two Royal Marines members of the team were responsible for ensuring that the two Army bomb disposal experts together with their equipment arrived on board the ship; thereafter they were to assist them in locating and dealing with any bombs that might have been aboard.

During the flight it was discovered that Captain Williams had little parachuting experience and none of parachuting into the sea.

On arrival over the ship weather conditions were found to be adverse and it was necessary for the aircraft to carry out several trial runs before the jumps could be made.

The team faced three problems: the presence of an 'inexperienced' parachutist, adverse weather conditions requiring a drop from minimum height through cloud, and the carriage of unusually heavy and bulky loads. There is no doubt that under ordinary conditions the mission would have been abandoned but in view of its urgency and importance it was decided to proceed with the operation despite the risks to those involved.

On the fourth run over the ship Staff Sergeant Oliver and Corporal Jones dropped with the heavy equipment and on the seventh run the two officers dropped. Lieutenant Clifford supervised Captain Williams' parachute drill and when they arrived in the sea he supported him until they were picked up.

Once on board, the team immediately started their search of the ship and the suspect cargo. The courage and determination of all four members of the team in the face of unusual and hazardous conditions resulted in the successful execution of this operation.


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