3 CDO BDE Kay, Patrick Richard

John Robertson

Staff member
Patrick Richard
  • UNIT
Chief of Staff to Commandant-General RM
  • RANK
Major General
Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)
born 1.8.1921 Blakeney,Norfolk
educated Eastbourne College,Sussex
commissioned R.M. January 1940
HMS Renown 1941-43
4 S.S. Brigade Liaison Officer with 41 Commando early 1944
Staff Captain,4 S.S. Brigade 1944 (4 Commando Brigade from 1945)
award M.B.E.
Combined Operations HQ 1945-48
Staff of Commandant-General RM 1948
Army Staff College,Camberley
Staff of Commandant-General RM
40 Commando 1954-57
instructor,Joint Services Amphibious Warfare Centre,Poole
Plans Division,Naval Staff 1959-62
43 Commando (C.O.) (LtCol) 1963-65
C.O. RM Amphibious Training Unit,Poole 1965-66
Assistant Director (Joint Warfare),Naval Staff 1967
Assistant Chief of Staff to Commandant-General RM 1968
Imperial Defence College 1969
Chief of Staff to Commandant General RM 1970-74
retired 1974 as Major General
awarded C.B. 1972
Director of Naval Security 1974-81
Associate Secretary,Defence Press and Broadcasting Committee 1982 (Secretary 1986)
married Muriel Smith Austen 1944 (died 2013) (4 children)
died 19.9.2013 Fleet,Hampshire
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