US PARAS Lage, George Hans

John Robertson

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George Hans
  • UNIT
502 Parachute Infantry Regiment (HQ Company,2 Bn - Surgeon)
  • RANK
Silver Star
France 1944
born 20.12.1910 Hood River,Oregon
son of Edward Emile and Mabel R. Pearl (nee Riddell) Lage
moved to Portland,Oregon 1934
graduated Oregon State University 1934
graduated University of Oregon Medical School 1939
WIA 18.9.1944 France (WIA twice)
medical discharge
obstetrician and gynecologist postwar
married Maxine Mary Nelson (1912-97) (3 children Brenda,George and Marsha)
died 25.12.1974 Portland,Oregon
Willamette National Cemetery,Portland,Multnomah County,Oregon Section L Site 3647
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