3 CDO BDE Ledger, Christopher John Walton

Craig Robertson

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Christopher John Walton
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R.M. 45 Commando
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Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct
Adeb 8th - 14th May 1964
London Gazette 43773, 24th September 1965, Page 8973


Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct : On Friday 8th May, 1965 Lieutenant Ledger led Recce Troop 45 Commando on a 24 hour patrol from AD DIMNAH on to the Jebel Shairi. At about 1245 hrs on 9th May, dissident movement was observed in the villages of DREBE and KHORAIBA and fire was opened on them with artillery and mortars. This caused more dissidents to appear and an air strike was called for. Lt Ledger carried out an almost copy book series of strikes in the face of considerable communication difficulties.

On 13th May Lt Ledger, having spent a most exhausting previous 36 hours patrolling and picketing during the passage of a convoy to and from DHALA, was returning to AD DIMNAH when the position was attacked by heavy enemy mortar fire. His patrol though right in the middle of the enemy fire was unhit; however three members of the company at AD DIMNAH were wounded, two seriously. Dusk fell soon after and it was not possible to evacuate casualties in daylight. Eventually a Wessex helicopter was sent to attempt to do a night landing on the very small ledge of rock which served as a helicopter landing pad. Lt Ledger made easy contact with the pilot on his A 43 radio and in an extremely calm and competent manner talked the aircraft down to the helipad to enable the seriously wounded casualties to be evacuated to hospital. The fact that the helicopter was able to land and evacuate the casualties almost certainly saved their lives. The credit for this successful landing should be shared between the pilot and Lt Ledger, who showed outstanding calm and competence in a most critical situation.

It should be mentioned that six weeks previously Lt Ledger received the GOC's Commendation for the competent action he took during a serious fire at the Diplomatic Wireless Station on Perim Island.

Place : Radfan
Date of Action : 8th, 9th and 13th May, 1965
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