Levant Schooner Flotilla

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Levant Schooner Flotilla
My Uncle, Walter James Fozzard, joined the RN in 1941 at the age of 30. Not a career Navy man, he found himself given the rating of Cook and later Leading Cook. Despite this humble rank he had some exciting times, and was soon in the Eastern Med. based nominally at HMS Mosquito with Special Forces. We know he served on Levant Schooner LS9 in charge of the galley, and during this time was given a commando knife by Earl Jellicoe. He was invalided out of the Med for some time and subsequently served on LST160 (Landing Ship, Tanks) in the Bay of Bengal against the Japanese. WW2 ended about this time with the surrender of the Japanese, and Walter was released from the Navy early in 1946, and took up his normal civvy life back in South London. He received the British Empire Medal for services whilst at HMS Mosquito. Walter also received the Africa Star, the Italy Star and the Burma Star. Attached are a few items and photographs which may be of interest.
Ian Fozzard
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Hi Ian,
Very interesting about your Uncle and his time with The Levant Schooner Flotilla'. I have the book 'Dust Upon the Sea, and there is a photograph of Walter standing just outside the Galley onboard L.S.9, there are also other images of LS9 including one with Jellicoe sitting on board, which may have been the time Walter was given the FS Knife?
The book is long out of print and not easy to locate,and can be a bit pricey, but maybe a copy is out there and it is a very good account of the Lavant Schooner Flotilla. Thanks for posting the images.
Dust Upon the Sea by Benyon-Tinker (1947) Hodder & Stoughton.

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Thanks for the reply David. I've pieced together Walter's history in the RN and now have most of the big pieces in place - details are another matter however! I am doing this just for the family, not for publication, and now have about a dozen pages in total. I did manage to get a copy of "Dust Upon the Sea" but am now looking for a copy of a magazine article published in the late '40's which has an article on the Levant Schooners and a large photo of Walter reading a letter from home at the galley door on LSF9. The magazine I believe is "Parade" magazine (not sure which of the many magazines bearing this name though?) and I would be very grateful to any readers of this thread who might be able to supply a copy (or the original!). I do have more material of course, and attached is a photo of the knife given to Walter by Earl Jellicoe.
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Hi Ian,

Thanks for posting details of your uncle's wartime activities.

I have the book "War in the Islands" by Adrian Seligman. The book is about undercover operations in the Aegean 1942-44 as recalled by members of the Levant Schooner Flotilla, Greek Sacred Squadron and Aegean Raiding Forces.

There are numerous mentions of LS9, but I could not find any mention of your uncle.

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