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hello to you all and please take the time to read this for me .....

I am trying to find out information on my grandfather james meager

at present i have found that he served in 2 sas 3 sqn and was awarded a certificate for the liberation of norway in 1945.

He was known as lance corporal james michael meager , but could of been more casually known as mick and unfortunately that is all the info i have .

I know this is very vague but he was a very private man who didnt share much of this life with either his son (my father) or myself .

Any information , stories , links etc would be so very appreciated by myself and indeed my father /

many thanks
Hello Wesley, my dad Pct Frank Mulvey was in 2 SAS 3 Squadron. I have the list of men on operation Tombola, March 1945 and L/Cpl J Meager is on the list so my father would have known him well. operation Tombola was the last of these kinds of missions in Northern Italy and was led by Major Roy Farran. It was extremely successful but sadly 3 were killed. You can buy the book operation Tombola, written by Roy Farran which I have just finished reading, it is an excellent account of the events of the attack on 2 villas being used as German headquarters. The attack took place to the sound of bagpipes played by David Kirkpatrick, the last remaining survivor that we know of and you can listen to his interview on Youtube it's a very good interview by Matteo Incerti who has written the Italian book about Tombola. We have also just come back from the annual memorial for operation Tombola in Northern Italy, Albinea, arranged by Matteo, which you should all consider attending next year. It is a fantastic event, we even went up Mount Cusna as close to the drop zone (where they parachuted in) as the snow would allow. Some of the SAS hadn't even jumped out of a plane before, just had basic training. The mission was very tough and you should be very proud of your grandfather for making it out alive. They played a major part in driving the Germans back and making life very difficult for them. I might be able to help with more info, Tara.
Hi, my father was also in 2 SAS and is featured in the Italy detachment photograph with the mountain field gun 'multi Stanco'. Perhaps your dad is in this photo which is on this site somewhere. I have an original of it at home here.