malayan scouts


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Dear all,

I have just completed a book about my dad's service with the Malayan Scouts in 1951. The book is being edited at the moment and the publisher has a number of queries that I am unable to answer, can anyone help? the queries are as follows:

The publisher requires a breakdown of the structure of the malayan Scouts in the year in question 1951,squadron's, sections and troops, how many and the names of each and how they relate to each other. I imagine they require something like the following or similar:

Regiment - made up of A,B,C and D squadrons.

A squadron - made up of 1 troop, 2 troop.

B squadron - made up of 3 troop, 4 troop.

Also does anyone know the names of the COs of each squadron in 1951? I know for example that Major Woodhouse was CO of D squadron at this time but not the others.

If anyone has this information could they contact me as soon as possible as the publisher is eager to complete the edit.

Many thanks.

Joe Durkin.