SOE Maloubier, Robert (Bob)

John Robertson

Staff member
Robert (Bob)
  • UNIT
F Section
  • RANK

Distinguished Service Order,Military Cross,Croix de Guerre (France)
France 1943-44
parent unit General List
born 2.2.1923 Neuilly-sur-Seine,France
son of Eugene and Henriette Maloubier
SOE 1942 (North Africa)
F Section SOE 1943-44
demolitions expert and weapons trainer
codenames Paco and Clothaire
Salesman Circuit (instructor)
alias Mortier,Robert
WIA 20.12.1943​
French Intelligence Service 1944​
Force 136 SOE (Laos) 1945​
returned to France August 1946​
SDECE (French counter-intelligence) postwar (until 1957)​
security adviser to President of Gabon and to oil companies​
author of Agent Secret de Churchill (2011)​
author of L'Espion aux Pieds Palmes (2013)​
married several times (3 children)​
awarded M.B.E. 2014​
died 20.4.2015 Paris,France​
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