22 SAS McWilliams, Pete

Eight Lives Down
By Chris Hunter

John Robertson

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Pete (Mac)
  • UNIT
B Squadron​
  • RANK
Rifleman (A/Corporal)
Mention in Despatches
Malaya 1954 (Op.Sword)
parent unit Royal Ulster Rifles
born 1922 Wicklow,Ireland​
B Squadron Malaya 1950s​
D Squadron Oman 1960s​
died 1996 Wicklow​
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Pete (Mac) McWilliams was my father. I served in the RAF from 1967 to 1979 and I spent time with my father on Gibraltar when I was there on detachment in 1968. He was with the Royal Ulster Rifles at the time. I have not been able to find any information on Operation Sword in Malaya in which Mac was involved. Any information on Operation Sword would be greatly appreciated. Even a source I can look into myself would be great. Thanks in advance. Who Dares Wins and Per Adua Ad Astra.