Melbourne Victoria Australia 1946-1947


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Does anyone know if there were US Navy special forces station in Melbourne Australia in 1946-47? or were they just normal naval forces resting after time spent in the South pacific after WW2 ended?

Any known lists of US navy ships docked in Melbourne around 1946-1947?

My grand mother met a US navy man in Melbourne, records show they spent quite a bit of time together until his ship left in June 1947 several months before my father was born, who was placed into an orphanage. I met a lady online from the USA whose husbands father matched the description. She described her father in-law as a Flying boat captain and fighter pilot, whose real name was John Perry, however he went under an assumed name to get into the navy as a pilot (probably known to his close confidents in the navy). Unfortunately I don't have records or photographs of the pair together or individually, so its been finding a needle in a haystack.

I was informed her father in-laws family was from Massachusetts and California. Unfortunately her father in-law suffered a severe heart attack in 1966 and died at the age of 53. We lost touch about 10 years ago, I haven't heard back yet after a recent email.