men of C3 patrol Operation Pistol


The men of C3 patrol of operation Pistol were,
SQMS John Alcock from Goole in Yorkshire-ex coldstream guards. In 1956 he was RSM to 3 Para at Suez. In the 1960 he rejoined the SAS but this time it was known as 22 SAS. I, his son, lived on the old SAS base at Hereford. In those days as a boy you could walk almost anywhere on the base. I remember visiting the officers mess once. After leaving the army my father never properly settle down. My parents seperated in 1972. I emigrated to Ausralia. I came back four years later and my DAD met my son for the first time. Dad died in 1997 at York hospital. He had taken me to the Pistol area prior to his death and I began to see what it was that he had done as SQMS J Alcock of 2 SAS at only the age of 22 years old.

Joseph Lyczak a Polish national freed from an italian internment camp in 1943 and enlisted in the SAS.

Corporal Holden and Corporal Hannah.

Also in the latter stages a frenchman called Lucil Tilly came out with them - he was trying to avoid the draft/call up into the german army.

I have traced Joseph Lyczak,s family to Scotland but he himself died in Manchester in 2000.

In 1960 my father was by then a captain in the para TA in Glasgow. If only he had known of Lyczak's address they could have met up. Such a pity the internet did not exist then. If anyone knows of the relatives of Holden and hannah then I would like to get in touch for a chat