PARAS 2 Meredith, John Clifford

John Robertson

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John Clifford
  • UNIT
2 Para (D Company)
  • RANK
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Falklands 1982
from Bangor,Wales
age 32
London Gazette 49134, 8th October 1982, Page 12848


Distinguished Conduct Medal : Sergeant Meredith was a Platoon Sergeant in D Company 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment during the 24 days of the Falkland Islands campaign. He was a dedicated and devoted leader, encouraging and steadying the younger soldiers under fire and inspiring the Platoon by his personal example. In the battle for Port Darwin and Goose Green on 28th/29th May 1982, during the later stages of a long and demanding day, his Platoon Commander was killed while advancing on an enemy position which it was assumed had surrendered. Five men, including one wounded, survived in the Platoon Commander's party but were in a perilous and exposed position. With conspicuous gallantry and presence of mind, Sergeant Meredith rapidly assumed command of the Platoon, organised covering fire for the trapped men and stabilised the situation. He then personally took a machine gun and moved forward under heavy enemy fire to where he could neutralise the remainder of the enemy and give directions to extricate the trapped men. Subsequently the Platoon under his direction captured the enemy position. Later in the campaign, with a new and inexperienced Platoon Commander, he again showed conspicuous bravery, professionalism and leadership at the battle for Wireless Ridge on the night of 13th/14th June 1982. At a critical moment, when the Platoon's assault on this 1000 metre long ridge looked as if it might flounder, he moved forward to assist his Platoon Commander in leading the Platoon forward in the face of heavy machine gun fire. These two incidents typify Sergeant Meredith's outstanding skill and gallantry throughout the campaign which were in the very highest tradition of the Parachute Regiment.

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