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Distinguished Conduct Medal
Italy 1943
parent unit Army Air Corps


Distinguished Conduct Medal : Sergeant Mitchell was one of a detachment of 2nd S.A.S. Regiment which was dropped in daylight by parachute in the area of CHIETI on the 2nd October 1943, with the object of collecting escaped British P.O.W., for embarkation under "A" Force arrangements.

On landing the party was fired on by the enemy who has seen the descent, but they managed to make good their escape. During the next week the party aided a total of 300 P.O.W. to the evacuation beach R.V.s.

After the 12th of October no more landing craft were available, but the party succeeded in finding a further 250 P.O.W. and putting them on to the best route to the Allied lines.

Between the 20th and 30th of October two German convoys were attacked by this party inflicting damage and casualties on the enemy.

For the next two months further P.O.W. were assisted by the party, and a number of Fascists who were actively assisting the Germans were killed.

On the 4th of January 1944, Sjt. Mitchell in company with another N.C.O., was in a house and found himself surrounded by approximately a company of the enemy. Sjt. Mitchell shot his way out of the trap and continued firing until all his ammunition was exhausted.

He made good his escape and finally, after lying up and changing into civilian clothes, he succeeded in crossing the line near GUARDIAGRELE early in March, 1944. He brought with him some 20 ex-P.O.W. whom he had collected on route.

Sjt. Mitchell was active behind the lines for six months. During this period he was largely responsible for the successful return of a considerable number of British ex-P.O.W.s, and continually showed a fine offensive spirit.

His devotion to duty during this period is worthy of high praise.

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