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Pierre Louis
  • UNIT
F Section SOE
  • RANK
5th October 1944
  • AGE
Brookwood Memorial,Surrey Panel 21 Column 3
parent unit General List
born 13.7.1914 Villefranche-sur-Saone,Rhone,France
son of Georges and Marie-Laure (nee Favier de la Chomette) Mulsant
husband of Raymonde (nee Stein) Mulsant,Ste Savine,Aube,France (1911-63)
married 12.1.1938
award M.C.,LdH,M.R.F.,Croix de Guerre avec palme
alias used in England 16.11.1943 - 3.3.1944 Pierre Mazenod
codename Paul
alias Guerin,Andre and Pedro
Abelard Circuit (organiser) August 1942 - September 1943
Tinker Circuit (organiser) 18.9.1943 - 15.11.1943
Minister Circuit (organiser) 4.3.1944 - 16.7.1944
arrested 16.7.1944 Arbonne-la-Foret,Seine-et-Marne
Fresnes Prison
Neue Bremm concentration camp 8.8.1944
Buchenwald concentration camp 16.8.1944
shot Buchenwald,Germany
F Section Memorial,Valencay,France
Memorial information by Christian Roux (nephew)​
See under the differents memorials sites where the name of Pierre MULSANT is notified.​
BROOKWOOD Memorial (Surrey) MULSANT.P.L.MC,panneau 21 colonne 3.​
VALENCAY Memorial (Indre) FRANCE. N° 68. P.L MULSANT Capitaine disparu à BUCHENWALD;​
BUCHENWALD Camp.(Weimar). On 15 October 2010 a plaque was unveiled,​
inserted in the antechamber of the crematorium, honoring the memory of Allied officers "Block 17" murdered between septembre1944 and March 1945, 20 SOE agents, which include MULSANT. Capt P L​
Monument aux morts de POMMIERS (Rhône).​
Monument aux morts de NANGIS (Seine et Marne).​
Monument aux morts de SAINT SAVINE (Aube).​
Memorial stone at CHARMONT sous BARBUISE (AUBE). A place called "Hill 192". MULSANT Pierre, colonne 2, n°14.​
City of TROYES (Aube), rue du Commandant Pierre MULSANT. Deliberation by the Council of 12 January 1959 on the name of the street the precise origin of this decision: "In memory of this heroe of the Resistance whose family lives in our city, which is the origin of the commandos and M arrested by the Gestapo in early 1944, was deported to Buchenwald and shot. "​
Details on the dates of birth and death of parents Pierre MULSANT:​
Georges MULSANT (1879-1953).​
Marie-Laure FAVIER de LACHOMETTE (1886-1963).​
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